Terrible year for peaches, not bad for plums

All from a single, prodigiously productive Burbank plum.

This tree is never heavily pruned, as it is comparatively compact for a plum and has a lovely spreading form that I enjoy looking at in its natural state.  It sets an unbelievable quantity of fruit that needs to be thinned quite heavily to prevent the boughs snapping (although with the help of the birds this is not necessarily an onerous task).  Because the fruit in the centre and on the south side of the tree is more heavily shaded, we end up with fruit that ripens successively over weeks.

In addition to plum tart tartins, stewed plums, preserved plums, plums eaten fresh, plums donated to pigs, plums donated to neighbours, plums stealthily left on neighbours’ doorsteps and pickled plums, during a three night jam spree I made 42 jars of jam.  The best jam is always made between 10pm and midnight, when everyone else is in bed, your favourite music is on and that mood of calm contemplation settles.

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